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Lower Mississippi Valley Geologic History


U.S. Army Corp 

Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River - Fisk, 1944 Report

Fisk 44 Oversized Plates

Fisk 44 Oversized Plates Rectified

Geomorphology and Quaternary Geological History of the Lower Mississippi - Saucier, 1994

Volume I - Report

Volume II - Oversized Plates



Arkansas Archeological Survey 

(With Permission)

 Quaternary Geology of the Lower Mississippi Valley - Saucier, 1974 Report

Geology Map



Geological Society of America

 (With Permission)

Late Pleistocene evolution of the Lower Mississippi river valley, southern Missouri to Arkansas, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 112, no. 2, February 2000, p. 221-235
Quaternary geology of the Lower Mississippi Valley, The Geology of North America Vol. K-2, Quaternary Nonglacial Geology: Conterminous U.S. - Chapter 18, The Geological Society of America, 1991

Louisiana Geological Survey - Lower Mississippi Valley Cross Sections

Louisiana Goelogical Survey - Quaternary Geology of The Lower Mississippi Valley